this is my second song, so dont expect it to be all that good

so what sub genre of metal would this fit on?

and rate and critique too!
metal update.zip
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well its pretty hard to class it into a subgenre of metal without hearing drums, vox etc. what style vox does it have. with growling vox i guess its pretty death metalish. hard to tell. sunds good though
yeah it could be any of hevay, death, core, thrash anythin really need to hear vocals, but its good i really like to solo, im tryin to get a solo goin in my piece at the minute, ive posted my progress so far if you want to look and help me with it its in my sig. id give that 8 1/2 /10 it was real good, just what i listen to.
thanks guys. what if i add Judas priest- style drums, like with some double bass, and megadeth and metallica-style vocals?
updated. its on first post. i added basic rock and roll drumming and bass. i also tweaked some parts. please criitique. its still not finished