hey everyone just look for your opinion.

im after a new acoustic and i want to with maton (go australian made!)

either EM225 or EM225c both with pups, the only real difference between the two as far as i can tell is that the EM225c is a cutaway.

any advice?
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Never played a maton but I hear good things about um.

whether or not you get a cutaway depends completely on what you want to play. If you're going to be dancing around the upper frets in a killer Hendrix solo get the cut away. If you're just going to be playing something like, oh I don't know, jack johnson, don't bother with it. A cutaway can slightly hurt the tone. If you don't need it don't get it. If you frequent frets 14 and up go for it and it won't make that much of a difference.
get the tommy emmanuel signaure replica, best guitar ever made, i dont know the exact model number. TE something.
pfft the cole clark fat lady 1 is way better than the 225 imo

if u dont' want to try the cole clarks cuase ur ignorant and dont' like me
just go with the normal 225 no pick up no cutaway cause its way cheaper
like 400 aud and like u rarly use those high notes on a accoustic and like the pickups arn't great u shd jsut get the basic and get a good pickup later
dude, id rather an acoustic i can doanything i want with, so id go for a cutaway for a versatile guitar, even if it does diminish the sound a tad.
Defs try out the Cole Clarks as well.
But those Matons are really nice as well.
You are correct in thinking that they are identical except for the pickup and cutaway.
The problem is, the 225 series with the pickups has Matons lower end pickup. So if you plan on using the pickup either go for the 325 series or get the standard M225 with no pickup and get an AP5 retrofitted (or buy a soundhole pickup or something). But if you just want a cutaway and don't plan on using the pickup much/at all then its worth getting the EM225C.
Even the EM225C is only about $1000.
I freaking love Matons, but in your price range I'd go for a Cole Clark. From memory, the 225 doesn't have a solid back or sides, however a Fat Lady 1 does.

In my opinion...
Under AU$1300: Cole Clark>Maton
Over AU$1300: Maton>Cole Clark

Um about the cutaway...It really comes down to whether you use those higher frets. Mine doesn't have one but I don't miss it, so I guess it just depends on how high you go.
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I recently got the EM225C... its more than $1000... i think its FRICKIN' AWESOME, go and get one

did u try the cole clarks thou???
Threadstarter I gotta repeat this. If you're considering an EM225 get a Cole Clark Fat Lady 1 instead. From memory, they are the same price except the Cole Clark has solid back and sides. You get much more for the same price so at your price range, Cole Clark are probably better than Matons.

If you wanted to spend a bit more though...I think Matons are better.
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They are similar price (retail for the same, but the Matons tend to go for cheaper) and the Cole Clark does have solid sides and back.
i want to try the higher end matons they never seem to have them in stock when i go nor i ahvn't tried the fat lady 3s yet as well
Last time I was at the acoustic Centre they had some higher end Matons if i remember right (I wasn't looking particularly hard) and they had a FL3, i wasnt sure if it was an FL2 or 3, but i remember now it was a 3.
So go there if you want to try them
It definitely wasn't an FL2, because I was there in Friday, playing their FL1AC. The intonation was out though.
Well they didn't have that FL1AC there when i was last there, they had the 12string FL1 and the FL3.
I asked the guy there and he said he thought they were great guitars, just they barely ever had any in stock.

Apparently the Glenroy music store deals them so one day I'll go have a look in there, mainly cos i have never been in there before.
I was in Billy Hydes today and they had both FL1s, FL2s and the AC versions of both in.
And the FL1 sounded quite a bit better than the FL2, dunno if there was a problem with the intonation or something like that, cos I'm not to good with that stuff, but it just didn't sound as nice.
Really nice guitars though, first time I have played one side by side with the Maton 225 series.
I liked the Cole Clark better, it sounded better and played better, but my friend who was with me liked the Maton better because the Cole Clark was bigger at the whatever you call the big fat part of the guitar at the bottom.

Now I dunno if I will be able to wait much logner for a new guitar.

I also played a couple of Taylors, and there were some really really nice ones.I wouldn't be complaining if I had one, I can tell you that
Yeah the flemington store.
Sorry mate, I can't remember if it did or didn't.
I'm trying out an FL1AC at cranbourne on Friday. I am actually looking for an FL2AC but I was told by flemington it'll take 8 weeks to order one in.
Well going on this thread
and what I have read in CordoroyEW posts about woods
You may be just as well off with an FL1.
Especially after today, the FL1 i was playing sounded much better than the FL2.

Oh, and i think I should inform you right now. My memory isn't that great when it comes to things i have seen and heard in the passing, i payed alot of attention to the FL1, and a bit to the FL1AC, and also to the Maton M225, but I wasnt particularly looking at the FL2s so I possibly didn't notice much about it. Also I wasn't paying much attention to looks, I breifly checked out the grain on the FL1 which was really cool, and the Maton M225 has white binding, and the one I have often played has black binding which I don't like as much, but the one I have played alot has nice flamed wood, which is really cool.

I can also tell you that the FL1 is lighter than the M225 and the pickups add a lot of weight to the Cole Clarks, and the pickups in one of the Alvarezs that I picked up weighed a ton. They also had a Breedlove there cut in half which was cool cos I could see everything on the inside.
I'm sorry, I'll stop rambling on, I need to go to bed.

BTW Billy Hydes Flemington are out of 3 packs of D'Addario EJ16's but the guy gave me a discount on buying 3 separate packs