I am planning on getting a Epiphone SG-400 Vintage. I play Guns N' Roses/ACDC. Is this a good guitar for 300$.
yeh you'd be doing fairly well with that

angus plays an SG remember so any kind of SG is gunna be as close sound as you can get

i have one myself except a diffrent model
That's a perfect guitar for about any style, especially those kinds. You've made a wise choice! Enjoy!
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yeah, very good choice. i should have gone with the g-400 instead of my g-310, but a pickup swap later, it was good to go.

Epiphone's are really really solid quailty guitars. Enjoy!
i think it'll be cool
maybe get a 'Slash' Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II pickup on the neck
and get a Gibson Burstbucker on the Bridge.
good for guns n roses and AC/DC.
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