Yeah, I know, I'm sorry, but another new guitar query.

I've been searching around for grabbing a new guitar for a little while now, and seem to be heading towards the Strat direction due to its versaility, comfort and that its played by the players that I like (eg. Clapton, Hendrix) in the style that I like (light rock, blues).

Thing is, I'm trying to aviod spending too much so was wondering whether its worth going the Aus$750 for the Fender Strat (Mexico), or picking up a Ibanez Strat-copy such as the GRG170FX (which AFAIK is made in Japan) which goes for about half the price.

Does anybody know whether its really worth it going up to the real Fender Strats, despite them being in Mexico and the Ibanez in Japan. I'd consider myself a casual player, with a few years casual acoustic experience, but would like it to be decent.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Mex strats r gud, but you gota look around and find the gud ones...... som of them can be a bit dogy, but there r as i said ok ones out there, hiding i shops
mexi strat
i love ibanez, but a grg isnt even close to a mexi strat quality, which mind you isnt the best
Fenders are way better than Ibanez and the Fender will be way better for what you play. Oh and you're in the wrong forum
Oh whoops, sorry. I was reading the electric guitar forum before. I must have clicked on the wrong forum and not realised it. Mods feel free to move this one.

And stratness, how do I know what is a good Mexi strat and what is a dodgy one? I thought they were pretty much the same mass-produced ones.

I think I will go towards the Mexi Strat, as I plan on having it for the long run and I think that would be an alright price for a more casual player. Above that seems to cater more for the hardcore, dedicated players.
^ You will know if it's dodgy or not. You'll be able to feel that it doesnt feel right, or doesn't quite sound right. It doesn't matter if it's a good one or a bad one really, as long as it's good for you and it's the one you want.
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Thanks for the move Rankles.

Calum -> Bugger, and I thought the main thing I had to worry about was whether I was getting a US/Japan or Mexican guitar vs a China or Indo one, not levels of dodginess within them.

Hrmz, I think I need to get a better ear and feel to know what wouldn't be that good. Although I've played casually on an acoustic, I'm far from being able to tell major differences at the moment, I just dont want to spend Aus$750 on something, then realise I got jipped down the line and find out that for what I paid, I should have gotten something better.

On a side note, what do you guys think of the Spider III amps? I was thinking of just grabbing the 15W one (since I'll be primarily be playing in my room and don't need anything too loud).
^ The difference in quality in guitars that are the same model is extremely small, as quality control ensures that they are all very similar in tone, feel, and quality.
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Cheers Calum. I'll honestly probably have to rely on the honesty of the shop itself, as I'm too amateurish to notice the difference at this level.

Going by the reviews, I think I'll change that amp from the Spider III to a Roland Micro Cube. Seems to be good enough if I'm just casually playing in my own room.