I've always wanted to play guitar, but I never had a teacher, until I found this awesome web-site that helped me out alot, I mean ALOT! For those guitar players out there, go check out this web-site, there are forums to talk on, videos on how to play chords and how to play certain songs like: Boulevard of Broken Dream by Green Day, Collide by Howie Day, Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles, Hash Pipe by Weezer, Lips of An Agel by Hinder, and many many more! (And the songs are real easy to learn, he breaks them down so you can understand and play!) So if your interested, please, go check out this site: link removed
-Logan Nagol
smells fishy if you ask me, and who wants to learn lips of an angel?
dumbest song EVER
How about you don't advertise on the forums? It's painfully obvious from your post that you work for that site.