Hey guys,

I just finished recording my first indie rock song. What do you guys think about it? I'm especially interested in improving the vocals because I can't sing for shit (so it's more like talking).

Earthquake raw mix

Thanks for your replies!

C4C, as usual.

Sounds very proffessional.

lol this is jokes, i love it. Sounds like a song i'd like to drive to. Good job

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Thanks for your comments guys!

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Holy crap, that was actually pretty good. I never expect some of these originals to be any good but I thought your song was excellent. I was considering buying ezdrummer before, and after listening to that, I am getting it for sure. The mix was perfect. The guitar tone was really good and the singing was good except for the high parts. I didn't like that much but I thought you had a really good voice. Solid work man.

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Hey that wasnt bad at all mate haha, you shouldnt talk down on yourself so mutch

Love the little talked bits in the chorus hahaha!
What did you use to create this recording? (programs, microphones etc.?)

Thanks for listening guys!

- TonelabSE->Edirol FA-101 Soundcard->Cubase SX3
- Sure SM57->Edirol FA-101 Soundcard->Cubase SX3
- Midi -> ezdrummer ezx dkfh
Wow. This sounds like the perfect cruising song hehe. Your vocals weren't bad, they fit the song well. I like the tone too.
Ah nice

Wish i had some decent gear lol, i use a free microphone i got with my old computer a 15 watt roland cube, and just use the equalizer to get rid of most of the noize. rips the tone to schreds though haha.
The link didn't work on my computer. I'll try again later. Maybe if i turned my comp off and then back on it would work. I'll try later. For now here's a link to mine.
I liked it, the vocals fitted the song....very proffessional
I play guitar =]