Jesus. It's not often i make threads....

But i could do with some help.

I woke up half-an-hour ago after a really uncomfortable nights sleep. ( I kept waking up and having really long, really strange dreams and my top pillow kept falling off the bed.)
When i woke up i tried turn my head left (when stretching) and i screaming in agony as I HAVE TRAPPED A NERVE IN MY NECK AND IT BLOODY HURTS!

...Ok, if today was a normal day, i would just let the thing heal itselfs over time. Unfortunatly i got work later and i dont really wanna have to move like a fat man trying to do the robot when trying to look left, do i?

Any tips?

Common UG, quite serious here, because my managers (strict little fuckers...) wont send me home with it, and working an 8-hour shift will probably be the things of nightmares with this really painful trapped nerve in my neck....

I need advice! I gotta get ready for work at 11Am GTM and leave for 11.20!!

The only thing you can do is wait, but you can always attempt to cool it or something
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Call in sick?

Nah, wouldnt work, there REALLY strict and spy on you if you say your calling in sick...
Fucking McDonalds...
A quick jolt of the neck should sort it.
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I had that once, it stayed for days.
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A warm wet towel there should ease the pain
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Nah, wouldnt work, there REALLY strict and spy on you if you say your calling in sick...
Fucking McDonalds...

They spy on you?! I would have thought working for Maccy D's is bad enough, without them sacrificing you for taking one sick day.

I thought my job was bad. I feel for you.
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Same as JamieB, I've had it before and it can stay for days... mine did.
Just call in sick, you have a viable reason to... so they can spy on you all you want. There's no way to make it go quicker really, apart from keeping it warm, massaging it and plenty of painkillers.
This happened me once when i moved my head very fast to the left.
After i tried doing the same again it hurt so much i couldnt move my head 2 days and i could barely take of my t.shirt
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The only thing you can do is wait, but you can always attempt to cool it or something

not cool it moron, heat it up. alot, warm showers, massages, and wear something around your neck it should go away in time
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It's called, Whip Lash. It happens when your head somehow stays in the same position overnight. It's nothing serious. It'll ware off throughout the day.
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Bloody hell, McDonalds must be hell to work at.

then again, he's probably at work now
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Stretch the **** outta your neck. Try and turn your head that way, no matter how bad the pain. If you don't it'll take longer to heal.
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Ibuprofen is pretty good for that, it has worked for me in the past. Things like deep heat etc are OK but very short term relief. Keep a warm scarf round your neck.

Hope feel better soon, I know how it hurts.
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