the good people at ug have persuaded me into getting a tube amp

better in the long run

so yer im gonna save hard

im new to tube amps and no f##k all about them so help would be appreciated

i play metal and hard rock. but blues are kickass from time to time, so cleans are essential.

my budget is anything up to au$1000

i could go higher if the amp was really worth it

just a practise amp, jamming with band and stuff to, so reasonable wattage?
Try a JCM800 or Ashdown Fallen Angel.

Remember with tube amps, when you do get one always make sure the speaker cable is connected and at the right impedance, others say goodbye to Mr. Transformer.
I'm a big fan of the Vox AD60VTX.

It's not fully valve, it's a hybrid. It's a modelling amp, so it's designed to imitate several varieties of Vox amps from the past. There are a few models on there that I think you'll find useful. The US High Gain and Recto are good for hard rock, and the Boutique Clean gives a good, smooth blues tone. Sort of a John Frusciante sound. It has several levels of distortion in between.

The particular model described has a max output of 60 watts, but there's a selector switch that can limit the power to 30, 15, or 1.

It also comes with identical features in 120 watts if you want. There are similar models at 100 W, 50 W, and 30 W.

Price runs about $800 US, which I believe is $1020 Australian.
Can't stop the signal.
Dont get the valvetronix, a 30 watt tube combo will do you much better, aslong as its not a valveking..
iv got my heart set of a tube amp.
or a superbly excellent solid state... but my chances with that are slim. im very picky with the sound i want.

this ashdown fallen angel intrigues me.

how much is it in aus? is it even available over here. iv never seen or heard of it
The Ashdown is pretty much only available on ebay in Oz, still new but yeah that's about it. I say you should look out for a Marshall tube combo (JCM800 comes to mind) 2hand, sounds like it would suite you well. Anything from 30W and up is plenty for jamming etc.
Im not sure how much 1000 australian dollars is in USD but maybe you should check out some second hand orange amps...rocker30?
Ask me no questions, i will tell you no lies...
sorry for the late reply

but im really clueless to where to find second hand amps

as iv mentioned previously i dont wantto buy musical stuff off ebay. help?
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