Well, let me start by saying im fairly sure this is the right place to put this.

Basically the deal is this, having discovered SRV i got back into the Blues and i was wondering whether anybody could tell me how to go about learning the blues.
Basically i wanna play the rhythm and the solos and alll that stuff.

Sorry if ive been vague, ask me if theres anything else you need/wanna know and ill post the answer to ur question.

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but it seemed like the best place to post this.

Many thanks

i'm not trying to be bleeding obvious but you could start be reading any lesson (on UG) with the word 'blues' in the title, but start by reading the 1s bout 12bar blues (rhythm) and then the 1s bout scales and soloing. Also type in blues lessons in google and you should find some free lessons that teach wot you want to know.
A lot has to do with feel so listen a lot to blues and try to get the groove and feel. Also the pentatonic and blues scales are required (you can spice up your sound with some Dorian and Mixolydian as well).
Yeah ive tried to use the lessons but they never seem to help me when i try to play something.

Thanks for the replies people
Simple: listen to lots of vintage Otis Rush and come back in 20 years when you've had the life experience.
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Thanks people.

Has anyone ever used the site http://12bar.de/intro.php ???

Its all about playing like Clapton, could someone look at it and say whether its worth using or not?? thanks guys. If you could just say whether its ne good or not itd be much appreciated.
I've considered doing a lesson that would cover the basic blues licks I've learned over the last couple years. It wouldn't be an advanced lesson, but it would give you some basic blues phrases that are cliche'd and used by everyone, over, and over. It took me a while to discover them, so I figure it could help some novices. Interested?
Yes please, that would be amazingly helpful my friend. I found a Blues Lesson on here that would help me if i could construct chords but it seems a little too advanced.

Also, would it help me if learnt some songs by the likes of John Lee Hooker, Clapton, BB King and other blues artists? Would that help me get a feel for the Blues and Help me more than any lesson could?

Thanks for all the help guys and once again Skraeling86 that lesson would be very helpful man.
Ok. Just keep in mind I'm your basic "white man" blues player. Don't expect anything revolutionary, just some basic phrases that have been used to death in blues that have made my blues playing go from sounding like shit, to sounding like average shit.

Listen to B.B. King's playing, what does he do? He, as most blues guys do, play the same basic lick over and over, but with variation. It's repetitive, but awesome. The lesson should be done within a few days, hopefully UG will accept it.