Whats the difference between wah peddles? Morley, Dunlop, Vox????

I mean if you want to be slash or zakk then they have their signature peddles but what did they use before these were made for them and were they cheaper?

Is there a wah to suit all sounds. I mean forget fuzz and distortion, you can buy peddles for that.

I thought cry baby was an industry standard but I wasn't that impressed when I heard one of their bog standard ones. It made the amp sound poor.

I know it's all about personal taste but if you were a session guitarist playing lots of different styles would one peddle suit?

I particularly like the clapton sound on white room also how slash uses it in his solos.
I have a Dunlop Crybaby 535Q, and when I was trying them out it was definitely the most versatile. It has controls for almost everything, and so can be adapted to most sounds. You can select the range of the wah as well as the broadness of the bandpass.
Sounds, parts etc.

If you like Clapton's sounds, Vox.
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