Ok i have been doing some research for quite some time and here is how my final gear is going to look, so i just wanted ur opinions

ESP Ltd KH 203

Cube 60

So how is it do you think i shud change anything or does this seem good basically why i am asking u guys is because i cant try them

I will be ordering this stuff by the end of this week so if u think i shud change anything plz tell me

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Honestly dude,,,,why are you asking? If you like it screw us, your the one thats gotta live with it so if you like it you go for it
Change the amp and the pedal, urgh.

Get a decent amp for the styles you play instead, the FM's just a useless crappy clean amp.
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DO NOT get that pedal, it is REALLY bad IMO, a ds-1 is MUCH better for the price.