Right I've got me a Jackson KVX10 flying V guitar. Theres nothing wrong with it since I figured out the trem but I wouldnt mind some advice on how to play standing with it.
I've been used to a strat so far and I've found with the V that its a fair bit more difficult when you stand. In particular I'm having trouble holding the neck up so I can actually play and I could use some advice how to "hold" my picking hand as I wear the V quite low down (cause the V kinda awkward wen high up) and its difficult to get a decent hand posture.

Its that i'm not used to standing with my guitars. And cause I have to wear the V quite low down because its really awkward when its too high I'm having trouble holding the neck up so i can reach the frets and its difficult to get a decent position for my picking hand ,, gets really achey after a while.....that better? also when I say low I mean just above the height where the guitar is a second nut sac lol

n am in college, cant provide pics yet
I'm surprised you can even sit with a V, they're made for standing.
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Your text ain't nice to read. But I'll answer. So. Try to rise the neck up and if you can, the strap too. As high that it still feels comfortable to play.

As I've heard, th guitar should be in the same position no matter if you are standing or sitting. My LP is pretty much lower when standing, but whatever. That's what I've heard anyway.

I'm afraid you're not the only one that suffers from "V drop." I have a Gibson V, and it does the same thing. If I slide it one way, the angle of the neck is too high. If I let it try to "balance" the way it wants to, it droops on me and I feel like I'm holding up the neck while I'm playing and we know that's not good either.
The only real solution is one I don't really want to do, and that's moving the strap button. Figuring out where it really needs to go would be tricky, and I don't feel like having the back of my V looking like swiss cheese using the "trial and error" method.
Easiest way i've found is be a rock god, have one foot on the floor, and one leg bended, like have your foot on an amp, then balance the middle of the v on ur knee. Adjust your strap and netime it slips move your leg to compensate, looks cool, but is a btch to do for an hour +
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alternatively you attach a little weight to the part of the strap that is behind hour back to prevent the nose diving effect, also a wider strap can help by increasing the area which is touching your shoulder and thus increasing resistance.
Your complaing about standing with a V? poop in my face and call me richard, but shouldnt you be complaining about sitting with a V? But anyhow, try adjusting the height and stuff. why would you buy it if it werent confortable? thats the second thing i look for in a guitar after playability.
hey man,
no sweat,...i run 2 V's 89 gibson, 87 dean,
they are a little awkward to get used to, being neck heavy, but your thinkin to much....guitars choose people not the other way, so just keep bangin away....enforce your will upon the guitar and she'll become the most comfortable thing.....i recommend jumping up and down like an idiot for a few hours a day while playing, and check your hand position..or extend your elbow out a drop.....she's different than a strat...not as forgiving.