When I hear solo's in songs they always have a lot of oomph to them. If you know what I mean. I play a squier strat through an mg15cdr and was wondering what kind of pedal would best suit me.

I need something to give it a not necesserily a more distorted sound, but something to give it more presence.

Sorry if I seem vague.

Theres all these pedals like flange, chorus, delay, phaser, but I wouldnt know which is best.

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Sounds like you need an overdrive. Not too much distortion, but gives that oomph, and gain.
I have the Boss SD-1, and I love it.
yea the way to set it up is to have the tone at whatever you want. drive at zero and level set so it's giving you a good boost when the pedal's on.

you just stomp on it for the solo and it drives your dist a bit harder and gives the sound a bit more balls
Alternatively, if you don't need more gain, a treble booster might give you that edge and presence to cut through the mix. An EQ pedal with a boost in the highs (and possibly a slight overall boost) would do just as well.
If you simply want a boost, I'd get a boost pedal. Treble boosters are nice as was previously mentioned, but depending on the sound you want, you may check out some different boosters. EQ is always a choice as well, but I'd go booster.
mxr micro amp's give the signal more power , i dunno if thats what your'e looking for though.
Buy an eq pedal. You can boost your overall volume and your high mids at the same time.
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I use a GE-7 for leads and it add some mids to the signal. EQ is set to a sort of rainbow.
Works great AND is customizeable to suit your sound
everytime i feel like my sound needs a boost, i usualyl just add compression to the mix.

gives you a clearer sound and more sustain, without changing the tone
I'd say a better amp and then a pedal. A pedal on that is just gonna make it sound worse.
I just upgraded form the very same amp, MG15 CDR to a new Roland Cube 60 and it sounds SO much better...
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