Alright, so I want to upgrade from my crappy 10W Ibanez Amp.

I'm looking for an amp as versatile and equally good sounding as the Roland Cube 30X for guitar, something that fits in the category "everything a bedroom bassist is ever gonna need".

Here is a selection of Amps I could imagine buying. The Brands are





Right now, the Behringer looks pretty appealing, but since I have a Cube for guitar I bet that the Cube 30 Bass is good too, but its almost 100 bucks more expensive :/

So, what would you guys recommend?

Thanks alot!! Help is greatly appreciated.
the ashdown definetly fits that catergory, and you'll be able to gig with it

so ashdown
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ive played one extensively in a guitar store before

the range of tone is nice, but the effects are all preset, which is really kinda lacking. Sure you get that one good tone, but thats all the tone you are going to get.

The reason i complain about that is vuz i use a multi-effect processor

other than that, if all you are looking for is a practice amp, by all means, but i would probably suggest something a bit louder for gigs and whatnot

EDIT: you should have no volume problems with either the 1x12 or the 1x15 Ashdown
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So you say the Cube 30 Bass aint so great?
Any experience with Behringer or Hartke?

ps. Thanks for your answers. I really dont know what I'm talking about when it comes to Bass amps, I've only been playing the bass for 4 months now.
well you get what you pay for

meaning buying a 4x10 cab from Behringer may seem like a good idea....

...it was last year in January and my school hosted a battle of the bands. Of course, all the bass players were gear heads (all 4 of us....lawl....8 bands) and one bass player in a metallica cover band had a Peavy 6 string Grind bass with a Behringer 4x10 cab and head. I was using a Nemesis 4x10 and Nemesis Head, and i was able to be heard fine....he on the other hand was not really heard at all, even when they played For Whom The Bell Tolls. I dont know if it was shitty pickups from the bass, or just bad settings, or maybe the amp just sucked...i didnt get to mess with it, just watched. BTW- his guitarist was using an Esp with a 4x10 Marshall (w/ head)

The cube was what....a 1x10? if you can find the 1x12 model, i would reccomend that more, but again, its more about whether you will be in your room dicking around or out on the gigging cuircut or in a garage jamming. The roland is top of the line if you want to dick around, but i don't think it'll pull through volume wise as good as the other amps.

The roland is worth the money though. I was just trying to reccomend an amp based upon what you plan to do with it rather than what it is.
It'll just be me screwing around in my room so it doesn't have to be wattage overkill.
How are the Behringer and Cube sound-wise?

The others don't temp me so much because they're all very basic, but if you say that one of them sounds killer, well I might be interested.
Roland FTW

dont let the price of the behringer fool you. some people get the lucky one of the batch and its a dream amp, but most are just pieces of crap.

try this, go to a guitar store and ask about how often complaints about behringer amps show up. if you check the other thread about amps on this forum, someone even goes as far to say that 40% are returned.

the roland is way more reliable, and its really fun to get used to the built in effects. in all seriousness, go for the roland then.
then look no further. its worth the extra money. Jam around a bit at the store with a bass similar to your own. experiment with tone a bit. test the volume. twist some of the effects knobs....you will enjoy