I have an acoustic guitar, and a couple of electric guitar pickups lying around (a humbucker and a single).... Is it possible to try and use one on my acoustic? What bits n pieces would I need to plug it into an amp?

Something like this? http://guitarelectronics.zoovy.com/product/WDUH01101
Would it be better to use 250K or 500K audio pots for the single?
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Will it sound awful though?
If I did try, would it be best to use the humbucker or the single coil? Or should I stop being cheap and just buy a damned acoustic pickup?
An electric guitar pickup won't sound as "acoustic" as a acoustic guitar pickup. But what the hell, do it anyway
If you really want to mic up your acoustic, get an acoustic mic that goes underneath the saddle or beneath the soundhole. You will have to install a preamp into your guitar in order for it to all sound correct.

If you want to just put in a single coil or humbucker on it, just make sure it is not your main guitar. It won't sound like an acoustic guitar, just to let you know.

Plus, your probably going to have to cut up your soundhole and drill some holes in order for the pickups to fit.
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NOTE!!!: Make sure if you drill the pot holes and jack holes they dont run near any guitar supports because I guarentee that your pots wont fit and also make sure the pot shafts are long enough.


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Might as well just try an acoustic soundhole pickup then, mic's will feedback too much right?
Internal or external mics?

Internal will pickup all the sound, including the ambient sound going into the body through the sound hole.

External will pick up the sound, but if you move the guitar, the volume will change or the tone will be different or you may knock the mic over.
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