This is my version of the Mortal Kombat song ( i believe by the immortals).
The sound clips are from the movie and from the first game. This is the first song I've done like this (techno-ish) so tell me what you think. C4C.

that blew, it was really boring. you left out the main Mortal Kombat part. and it was way too long of the same thing over and over.
i like the idea, but i think the main melody should stand out more, more lead, it's melting in to the mix to much.
the drum feels a little bit to flat. sounds like drumkit from hell with ezdrummer, put some more roomreverb to it.
put another synth melody in the mix, but with more lead in it.
otherwise it feels pretty good.
I like it. It was interesting, but a bit too repetitive. Also the drums, like Errx said were a bit too flat. We wat more bass on the drums, so that it stands out, and so that you can sort of feel the drums like you can in many techno songs.