Ok so I work with a bunch of black guys. Not trying to be racist i love em theyre hilarious and all my friends. They all play instruments and they want to start a gospel / R&B band, they know i can play guitar pretty well and they want me to come play lead guitar for them...of course I agreed but I know nothing about this type of guitar music, the only thing he told me was that a lot of the stuff they play was in F and C and sometimes G. Do any of you guys know any styles i could listen to to get some ideas so i can amke some stuff up that sounds good to them on sunday when we practice for the first time.... LOL i mean right now the only thing i play is rock haha....this isnt gunna be a really serious thing but theyre just kinda hoping i can make its ound good so i need some pointers on anyone with any kind of experience with this..
Pentatonics A few tasty notes really. Not blistering fast solos with hundreds of notes.
so what penatonic scales should i work on i know some but are there any in general..? I have to be ready by sunday afternoon to playw ith them lol
If you're playing in F, C and G .... play those F, C and G major Pentatonic scales.

I don't listen to any gospel... so no tips there really. I can't imaging the guitar takes the spotlight in that situation, so just lay low and throw in some nice melodic lines and fills. And of course, chords. I would think that's a big part of it, so learn your 1-4-5 progressions in those keys if you don't already.

Maybe try transcribing the vocal melodies of their songs to guitar. That would probably work great for a nice little solo.