Howdy! I have a Strat with a Fishman TSV Piezo bridge. It simulates acoustic tone, by being fancy and whatnot. I got the guitar 'used' from a nice Jew who kept the guitar clean (and played it only a few times) because it was essentially new, had a fancy bridge that cost ~300$, I wanted a Strat, and it was incredibly cheap. Anywho, I've grown up on this guitar, and I have always hated the Piezo bridge, because it sounded like crap through my solid-state practise amps. Anywho, I've got an Epi Valve Junior now, and I just now realize it sounds alright (if not at all like an acoustic...) through the tube amp, but I have a problem.

The A string has always sounded weird (shorting out, weird feedback, et cetera) when using the Fishmans active electronics. Well, I recently noticed I was getting pretty serious buzzing on that string. I was perplexed, as the action, set up by me (amazingly the intonation isn't even bad! XD) when I didn't know what I was doing, was certainly not causing fret buzz. What was it? I noticed the Fishman piezo pickup for the A saddle was not there....

It looks like this (the darkening is meant to suggest a chasm - excuse my shitty MS paint skills)

Here's an actual picture of the bridge type:

So, how do I fix this? How much will it cost? But that is all quite boring. The bridge does me little use. What of a new one! I don't use the whammy often, but I hate it killing my tunings. Anyone want to tell me the merits of a Floyd Rose of Kahler (Jerry Cantrell!), and what installing one would mean to my guitar? Thanks! Suggestions welcome.
kahler is easier on non-floyd routed guitars, as they make flatmounts. does your guitar have regular pickups too? if not, you would need some with a floyd of some sort.
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First off, the easier thing is to have a tech fix your bridge.

Next: replacing that with a Floyd or Kahler will mean some fairly major work. If you really want it done, then cool. But it's major.

Why not, just get a non-locking, non-piezo bridge and have it set up properly and play it. They don't have to be out of tune messes.
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^ They don't? I do NOT want my guitar ****ed with, that is, I don't want people cutting it to get a Floyd Rose to fit. If I get a non-piezo tremelo bridge, what should I get so that it doesn't become an out of tune mess? Thanks.
Who don't what????

Nobody wants to fix your bridge? Is that what you're trying to say? Call Fishman and order a saddle. There's at most one solder joint to be made. Any decent guitar mechanic can do this for you.

Any reasonably well made bridge, if installed and adjusted properly will, within the limits of rock and roll, stay in tune if used sensibly. Measure your bridge posts and compare. THey probably match something out there, most likely the Fender Am Std.