I have started playing acostic guitar some months ago and i have learnt all the basics (chords, strumming, read tabs etc).
The problem for now is that i dunno how to proceed to the next step. My interest is to play some chinese songs with simple chords which can be found here, but i have some difficulties though..

many of the songs chords are like this:


But the thing i realize is that many of the chords i found doesnt have any solo part(plucking)... does all the song chords here are only strumming? can anyone help me to successful play a song and probably singing as the same time as well?
You sound like you're looking for tabs rather than chords. From the chords you can get a great idea of how to improvise a solo part to the song, but the songs you are trying to learn are probably not popular enough that anyone has taken the time to tab them out.

I would suggest that your "next step" is to listen to recordings of the songs and try to transcribe them by ear. Looking up the chords should be a good way to start. Then you could even submit the songs as tab for others.