I might get a new guitar because my acoustic just had broke. It is either gonna be an Epiphone Les Paul Special 2, or an Epiphone Les Paul-100. The LP-100 Cost about 350$, and the Les Paul Special cost about 250$. Which one should i get? There are links below.

LP Special (Cheery Sunburst)


LP-100(Heritage Cherry Sunburst)


Could i just get the LP-100 by itself and then buy an amp and case seperate. the amp might not be as great but i dont need anything to big, maybe jut like a 10watt, and i could get tht from a used music store by me....and i could get a cheap bag too........ it would save me money.
My first guitar was a Epi Special II and i still love that guitar but mainly just because of the memories i have with it, truthfully it really isn't anything special. It was a great starter guitar for me, but if you have already been playing for a while and don't have to worry about growing unintrested with playing then you should probably go for the LP-100
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Ofcourse you can get the LP-100 without the amp. Go here Les Paul 100

It only comes with the amp and stuff because Epiphone is making this a package deal that you can get with almost all Epiphone electrics, in other words, If you buy the amp with an Epiphone guitar you save money on the amp.

So yeah that saves you about $100. The Epiphone is a pretty "decent" guitar considering the price payed for it. But I suggest going to your local stores to look for one rather than buy one online cause there is a chance you might get a dud. You will, I promise you that you will have a problem with the selecter switch as it can become faulty after about a year or so but with some simple soldering it will fix it no problem. I played all the covers in my sig with the LP-100 so you can check that out if you'd like to hear the tone.

(Also the cherry sunburst looks much better in real life, the picture does absolutly no justice as it makes it look like its drained and has no gloss.)
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For $350 you need a amp, guitar and the accessories, right?

I hear really good stuff about the guitars on http://www.rondomusic.net/; it's fantastically cheap and not too shabby. Maybe buy an Agile LP for about $200ish?

Then you have about $150 for amp and accessories.

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I would definitely choose the lp 100, over the special, its overall much better quality, and it will last for a good while... My two cents
The LP100. And try it before you buy the damn thing. Abuse of the PU selector a little (push it in ALL directions) because this model tend to have problems in this "department".

And I actually think the sunburst Special II is ugly. It's flat and has a glossy finish. If it was archtopped, it would look better...

And the guitar comes with a cable. At least mine came with one. I dunno, I though this would be a little helpful, lol. |:
if you like the LP-100 i'm selling one for 200 with a good soft case and full rewiring and seymour duncan set for 200 , in mint condition : ), haha, but yeah, to be honest, it's good, but you will want to upgrade later, it plays and sounds good, i don't like the neck joint though, if you cant find one , play a strat , and you'll know what i mean about the neck joint