Hey folks..this is a story about me an this girl i loved..its all true..so ya i thought hell might as well post it..

It was september, life seemed a bit down..Of course, It usually is down.
I got a screen name on AOL, an said hell maybe ill find someone cool to talk to.
I signed on, i entered chat, then I met the amazingist, person ever.
She was kind, amazing,special,beautiful,an most likely the greatest person i have
ever met..Like the soul mate i've been waiting for.We talked , an talked.
She was great...I fell in love with her..I never felt such true , love so strong for anyone...I wondered how is this possible..We are on the computer for christ aske..
But i loved her..She really liked me..Not loved tho. We talked on the phone at night, for hours, an when she fell asleep on the phone, id stay on..An just listen to her breathe..As if i was there..We talkd so much for a LONG time.. Everyday..Then..
The dating was brought up..She told me.."Wait for my heart..When it says go, then we can be together..I promise.." an i told her ok..I would wait forever..
An so time went...Tons of time..Then weeks..We kept talkin, an i still was crazy in love with her.But after all she told me, after all we were through..She says.."I'm sorry..i've had my eyes on someone else for a long time..Your just my best friend..I didnt want to hurt you"..i said...."........" I cryed..an cryed...non stop..for hours....knoing that everything was a lie..A leading lie...I was so alone..An the worst part was i knew i'd Never be with her...Never....She is with her new person now...An im left...alone..heart broken..crying every night, an morning...Wishin that maybe something will change..Wishing someone would put a bullet in my head..Shes the only person i ever loved so much..She was my soul mate..An she broke me..Its been months now..an I still cry...over an over...will it ever go away..Will i ever heal..Or is this my fate forever..Tho she hurt me...Tho things are not good at all..I'll awit..untill the day i get to be with her..Even if she dosent really love me..Even if it all aws a lie..Ill be there for her..Ill wait..An i kno the day will come..for us to be together....Every cloud has light tear, this tear is what we call upon to save us, when hope runs out..We stand highly on the cloud..Loookin at all the tears above...Into the sky, the lone stars shine..but its not real...What is really there we will never see.If we let go, an fall into the myst, an crawl through the holes of life, An we continue our path to our true journey..an love..We might just make it to a place we never saw, that was right in front of us all along.
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thanks for the crit earlier..An, i'm sorry to hear about that. But you will feel better in time.. And as for the last part, with the little poetic thing. That was the best part. Very true an poetic.