I'm thinking of buying an Ibanez RG1570.
I play metal/hardcore, with most likely tuning to drop C for my band (though i like standard/other tunings likewise).
I also need nice cleans.

Is there anything that would be recommended aside ibanez? or maybe another ibanez (the S series?)

Also, I am considering a tube amp for primarily metal. A half stack would do, i dont wanna buy 2 cabs for a full.

What about pickup changes? EMGs wouldnt go well with basswood ive heard, and ive also heard they dont have good cleans. I also dont really wanna go totally off battery powered.

More information can be provided later if needed. For a budget? Well; if i buy the guitar and amp; what are some lower model tube amps that are still good?
ENGL offer super high gain tube amps. They're expensive, but if you can afford one, they're some of the best there are. Great for cleans and metal.

If you tune down to C most of the time, you might wanna consider something with a fixed bridge. Ibanez RGA (I think) are prestige RG guitars with solid fixed bridges. Check those out.
I also recommend Schecter. Very versatile guitars, especially good for your styles, for half the price.
The thing is, id like a trem for dives and such (as of an edge pro).

I'd stay tuned in C for my band, though i like standard.

I currently uses 9s for strings, but if i stay downtuned to C, then should i move up to 10s or 11s, since im lower?

but yeah; i really would like a trem such as that. edge pro, zr, something.
I'd say get an S series if you MUST have a trem (though for you, IMO, it's a bad idea) and use elevens if you want normal tension in drop-C.
How is a trem such as this a bad idea for what im doing? i wanna do the dives, squeals, etc. it'll keep me in tune, anyway. im our primary lead guitarist, so id like to have one if at all possible.
Because, *IN GENERAL*, bands that tune down to drop-C don't tend to have shreddy leads.
That, coupled with the fact you mentioned hardcore, makes me think you're into the whole Misery Index, Darkest Hour brand of headbanging, as opposed to the Megadeth, Iron Maiden kind (which tends to be more likely to require a Floyd).
But thats just in general; i usually play standard; but my band needs drop D. Yes, i do like hardcore; but just look at end of eden (www.myspace.com/endofeden); they do the hardcore deal + the shred-ish leads (and make use of the trem). But, i like the other kinds of metal too as you mentioned, its just that my band uses this.

But yeah, just take a look at end of eden to see what i mean.
I've head them, and you're right, if you're gonna be playing like that, a trem is a great idea.

I recommend the S series because the ZR handles retuning better than the Edge trems do, and I assume you'll do that a lot.
How do the S and RG necks compare, though?

arent the rg wizard necks thinner, or do the s series have extreme thinness likewise?
RG necks are thinner, but S aren't too far off.

Just a warning, though, I had an S470 once, it was so bad I had to trade it in. All the problems were electrical or construction-related though, and I've since played S guitars that were in much better shape. Moral: Test your guitar extesnively before you buy it.
So that pretty much cuts musiciansfriend

I do know of someone that helps to run a guitar shop, and they recently just got 8 new ibanez in. ill be sure to mention that today.

any other ideas guitar/amp wise?
Washburn X40 Pro comes highly recommended.

Amp wise, there's Framus, Marshall, ENGL, Peavey, and Mesa. My choice would be a Peavey 6505, it's great for that new-fangled high gain stuff.
I just want somethin to not only do the hardcore thing for my band, but have just a general good overall metal tone with cleans. And what about this washburn?
It's got a Schaller trem and (I think!) Seymour Duncan pickups, so it's pretty much hot-rodded out of the box. And it looks cool. Tubadude has one, PM him about it for more details.

Amp wise, I guess the 6505 wouldn't be the best for versatility. The ENGL Powerball is really an awesome amp, but it's super-bright, so that's kind of a question of taste. ENGL also might interest you with the Invader or the Blackmore. Framus Cobras are cool, as are Mesa Stilettos (kind of like Marshalls, but meaner) and Rectifiers.
Now, are these the extreme high end expensive tube amps? 'cause if i get a guitar, i probably wont be able to get a high end tube amp (if i even do at all).


that looks great, looks like it has what i want. (oh; edge pro II bridge. ehhhh... replacement worth it?)

the s520ex doesnt have much for inlays, though; no single coil in the middle, which could be a mixed blessing.

(g2g; will check this thread in a few hours)
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