Hey all!

i was wondering if anyone could help me. I want to get a new floyd rose for my ibanez rg 350 dx. It comes with the ibanez edge 3 bridge, but it sucks because u have to crop the strings and the tremolo arm just falls out, it doesnt lock.

I want to get a floyd rose that doesnt require the ball ends cut off and a tremolo arm that "clicks" into place> if any one knows anywhere i can get one or if anyone has any suggestions please reply. Thanks alot!
If it bothers you that much just thread the strings through the other way - you were going to have to cut the other end off anyway weren't you? Dunno about the arm problem, although I think there's a nut to adjust the arm torque at the back of the bridge...I'm sure madpick has a pic of it.
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There's no good substitution for the Edge III that doesnt need the ball ends to be cut. Like said, string it the other way around.

As for the arm torque, dive down the bridge and adjust the tiny screw behind it
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