Hey guys,

Just wondering how much I should offer for an excellent condition Martin D15. What is your opinion? Comes with the hardcase (but all D15's come with a hardcase when new).

And would you sell your existing Yamaha FG750s or would you keep it?

Depends on how old it is. 2 or 3 years ago they stopped using Honduran mahogany and started using African and sepelle. There are still honduran mahogany D15's being sold new, but they were all built more than 2 years ago. So if it's an older one it's probably worth more than a brand new one. If it's less than 2 years old and you can be 100% sure it's got Honduran mahogany back and sides then it is worth more than a brand new one. If there is a change it's not honduran then but it's in great condition and it sounds good then I'd say $500 to $600 would be about right
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Hmmm its in mint condition, bought it in October 2006. He said $800 canadian is the lowest he'd go.. so i should probably pass on this eh?

There is still a chance that it's honduran mahogany. If it is, then it's worth it. If it's not then it isn't. Do you know anybody that might be able to identify the tonewood? Perhaps a local music shop?
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You have to be able to see the difference. Sepelle has a stripy look to when hoduran and afreican mahogany don't. If you can rule out sepelle then you still need to be able to see the differeance between african and honduran. Honduran's pores are more randomly spaced than African, and sometimes when you look into the pores on honduran you can see a little white. It really isn't easy to tell. You would need to take someone with you that you trust to be able to see the difference.
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i was looking at a used spruce top mahogany side D-15 couple months ago before i bought the Epi. Guitarcenter would take $635 with a case as the lowest price. it had a few little blemishes but nothing major.
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$800 sounds a bit too expensive too me. But, if you do decide to get it, keep the yammy, unless you need some cash or whatever. Kepp it in another tuning or somethign like that, or use it as your camping guitar, i dunno, soemthing like that