im 13 and im in 8th grade and i took the SAT. i got a 1460/2400...is that ok for my age and grade?
was that on one paper? how long did that take?? lol
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Why do people take the SAT at 13?
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my mom made me cuz she wanted me to take the summer program at Johns Hopkins UNiversity....but i needed to take the SAT so i can get in...but i didnt get in
if you want your classic out of 1600 score, only take reading and math. Your score is pretty good for 8th grade, about average.

I got a 1680/2400 and 1160/1600. 11th grade.
i got 1520/1600 back in the day when they only had the one option
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i got 1520/1600 back in the day when they only had the one option

Yeah, I had a 1480. Nice job!
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If you're writing the SATs... then they've probably told you what an average and good score is, meaning you probably already know the answer to that.
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