I wont turn around or let it go away,
I've been sittin to long an i want you to know
i just dont care or want it to be faced, i fell short behind
landed on my face, i caved in , without no space
i just wanna hide an close my eyes, but the inside
thats another case
But for you , you gotta kno before you step down
take a look behind you, then look all around
I was kickin it up, an breakin a lie,, before you knew it
I fuond out penguins could fly, i dance up to plate of
no respect, i hold it up nicely, wheres my check
this aint no party, i just began, no other place would be holdin up
like spam, and along the sea a little bit of truth if you please
I wont hold on, anymore i say, but the sun keeps on shining anyways
i hold it up to thr gruon if you only knew the what i sound out

I awoke to the sound, dripping flames drag me down
I fell upon the floor, cant take much more
Drowning in the waves, of the bloody sea
with one eye, i hope to see, a boat waiting for me
Cause my one eye is holding my sanity, an is ready to
Set me to the sun, an set me on fire....
Set me to the sun, cant get much higher....

i tryed to make a POD effect, rapish.
What, Do you think?.
WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH !!!!!!! lol im srry man but this songs a bit funny, specialy the penguin part!!! i hav to admit, that this song..IS AWESOME !!! lol its a good song!! umm i cant think of wat to change, but nice job!!!