I would have said 'noob seeking help on amps' but I've been playing for like 10 months. I've got a washburn, but I dont know what model it is. The salesman (I bought this in another country, so I cant go back to him) said it was called a 'House of blues' but when I look for it in google, I get very little pictures.

Anyway, I have a shitty Fender Frontman amp, and I was looking through new potential amps to buy. I was mainly looking at Mesa Boogie cuz I hear they're pretty damn versatile.

I wanted to know what the difference between a head and a stack and a cab is, because I dont want my next amp to just be the normal practise amp size, I want it to be something bigger and more powerful. Maybe a head on top of a stack? I still need to know what the difference is, and if someone could let me know, I'd be really grateful.

I doubt you really need a stack, or a half stack if you've been playing for 10 months...

Don't get too far ahead of yourself. I've been playing for four years, and only just upgraded to a Marshall TSL602 combo amp.

You seriously don't need a stack / half stack if you're only playing in like your bedroom, or even playing small gigs.

Oh, and wrong forum.


Check out this post, for a definition of the different types of amp : Clicky

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Hope that helps you out.
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