i recently saw the second pirates of the carribean movie. i'm not a big fan of the movies, although i was pretty impressed with the end; when jack jumps into the sea monster thing's mouth with his sword. i think they should've just ended it right there instead of having the other stuff happening, but it was still pretty good. everyone's saying there's going to be a third movie, which is really disappointing, and kind of ruins the end of the second movie for me. i think it would sweet if they just left it at jack going into the monster. anyone else have ideas on that?

sorry if there's already a thread on this.
dude WHAT THE ****! of course theres gonna be a third film coz the second movie didn't have an ending! It was left on the biggest cliff hanger ever. Tbh that film was pretty shit, they NEARLY managed to make it good as it was quite dark and creepy but then they ****ed it up with ridiculously ott actions set pieces like the fight on the giant wheel and the escape from the cannibals.
Why would you want to leave it like that????? It needs to be concluded
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Wasn't Barbossa Dead I mean whats the deal with that?
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You know it would be quite tragic or what not for Jack to jump into the monster, but it just wouldn't be a fitting way for good ol' Jack to go.

I think for a lot of us, our favorite character is Jack, and we'll eat up another movie just to see him resurrected.

By the way, we should probably note that we are ruining the end of the movie for people with a sort of thing like ***warning spoiler*** or something.
I really expected to hate those films but Cpt. Jack character + Geoffrey Rush, Bill Nighy and Keira Knightley to ogle at won me over.
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I didn't like the second one the first time I saw it and I've seen it 3 times in the cinema. Hopefully the third will be better.
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Yeah both movies have good parts about them, but i hope the thrid one is the best.
I love the music which plays when they're fighting the Kraken. I would also love to bang Keira Knightley like a very fast banging thing.