Up all night
Me, my anus, them and their anuses
$hittin on eachother
Till we woggin it
Then the next day when I bought some kingskins
They told me in the shop I had feces on me face
So I thought..class

(Please do not close this thread this time, this is my life. Just because my lyrics aren't about oceans and a girl who kissed me after she sucked loads of other guys dicks doesn't mean they cant be here. If this is closed please leave a valid reason or at least PM me to talk about why you would do that. And to the guy who didn't like my avatar yours said 'KoRn' nuff said) I will posting many more songs about feces and check out the ones I've already done)
I closed it cause it go off topic, there was no attempt to crit the song, or you provide valuable insight into the piece, so I was well within my rights to close it, the same as I will do if this gets out of hand too.

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
horrible lyrics. even cannibal corpse wouldn't be proud of this.
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sig worthy.
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And please... shut up about the guy with the KoRn avatar

Thanks JvL.

I have to say the same as I said last time, this is a piece of ****.

Korn is just a band, and listening to korn doesn't make me emo or depressed or anything.
Now please go find some help on writing lyrics.
Before that, please don't post more poems/songs.
I Am Uber Offended @ Ur Thred I Am Reprting U

Marijuana is the spice of life.

I Force Choke my penis when I masturbate.

Let's get this thread back on topic.

Your song is awesome. I'm not English, so I don't know what "woggin it" means or what "kingskins" or "anuses" are. But ****ting on people is a universal langauge, and you, sir, are a master of it.
I can't remember what 'woggin it' means, it must have been an in joke I had with someone for about a week that got forgotten.

'Kingskins' are skins as in skins you use to roll tobacco with.

'Anuses' is the plural of anus, which means the rear end/buttocks/arse.
Well if nothing else it certainly makes for lively conversation. Can't say I am all into your lyrics but I think you should post them all the same. Somethings take time.