This is an acoustic song called "Jordan"


Verse 1:

AsI drive down the road, everything seems the same,
I see your pretty face, and I nod at our exchange.
I'll never forget the day we spent on Santa Monica pier,
before you met him, my life looked so clear.


Jordan please tell me,
please tell me, are you happy with him?
when I see you now, you always flash that same old grin.
But I can see behind that smile you're unhappy within.
Now Jordan I wish that I could turn back time,
I'd give you a million reasons why...
You should be mine.
You should be mine.

Verse 2:

I often wonder if I did something wrong.
Ever since you left me, I feel so withdrawn.
The days and the nights now they feel so long,
It's so hard to forget when sleep never comes.


Verse 3:

You're a beutiful girl, Jordan we both know that's true,
That must be why I can't seem to get over you.
The nights we spent downtown will never leave my heart,
Those streets won't ever be the same now that we're apart.



please crit... it not final yet so all criticism is greatly appreciated

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I liked it, but its to personal or it seems to personal.
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Yeah I'm liking the feel, but in my mind lyrics should be able to have some relativity to my life. Here your just going into WAY personal detail.
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I dont think there's anything wrong with going into personal detail.

I mean, we dont even know if those are real personal details, I use fake people with fake personal details in songs all the time.

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