Haha, the chorus reminds of of like super smash bros/metroid or something hehe. I liked it, really tight sound, and really melodic. nice
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Impressive mate

What parts did you write or did you write it all as a whole?

I like progressive music, and this was really enjoyable to listen too, recording sounding realy proffesional as well.

Nothing to crit really.

What programs/equipment did you use to record this?

many thanx for taking the time to listen guys and thanx for your comments, imaiden to answer your questions i wrote the entire song and played all the parts, recording wise for this song i used cubase sx 3, bfd deluxe and a melotron, for the synth i used ibanez rg with gk3 pickup into a roland gr33 guitar synth then midi out to various vsts i cant play keyboard at all but this method works for me, the main guitar was a ibanez jem going through a carvin legacy and 2 sm57,s and 2 akg c1000s microphones.. many thanx for listening
Hey dude.

Absolutly nothing to crit , write more songs and sell some damn CDs .

Sounds kind of bucketheadish minus the robotic guitar.
This is awesome. I like the crazy guitar effects, slap bass, and great guitar tone. How did you record it? I love the melodic soloing chorus thing. Awesome. It sounds really professional and kind of steve vai-ish (I noticed his guitar in your picture thing). Good job. This music would be great for a video game or maybe like a quest/journey/battle scene in a movie. Great job. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091