ok guys,
i got an i IBANEZ RG1570 pristege.....and i wasn't set up....i manages to set it up my self...but there was fret buzz...

i gave it to a pro teacher i know....he he managed to do all the action and setup stuff....but i can still hear fret buzz , i called him asking about the problem....he told me that it is normal coz the strngs are new or never played on alot ( still rough ).
and he told me that if the amp doesn't show the buzz ...then the sound i hear is not fret buzz....however when i play while the amp is off....i can hear extreme buzz....wat do u think ??
If you play a guitar acoustically (not pluggerd in) you will get buzz. If its extreme the action needs to be highered again. I always do a bit o strummin or jammmin not plugged in and my guitar gets it, and this is an american strat worth like $1500! It may be that the strings are new, thats the case alot of the times. If you play your strings in (just play for hours on end) then it should be reduced. if its still extreme then try highering the action again, but believe me it is very common. It should be fine plugged in, which is whats important for an electric guitar.

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I get some buzzing too on all my guitars, but you might want to think about having the frets dressed just for shits and giggles.
if u like ur action low then some acoustic buzzing is ususally the price u pay.

like said, it should lessen as u break in the strings.

or u can raise the action a little more, it's ur guitar, so its up to u.

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