im just now stating to play guitar so, i picked up my moms old acoustic from when she was younger, but then found out today that its actually a "classical" guitar with like.. 3 iron strings and 3 nylon ones. so i think im going to buy a normal acoustic and once ive played for a bit and know a thing or two buy an electric one. these are the 3 ive been looking at. any suggestions?

i have a 200$ budget, so i dont want top of the line... but i want somthing that wont end up being garbage after a year or less...


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1)as you can probably tell i like the "sunburst" style
2) the 1st and 2nd links guitiars look EXACTLY the same and the name of the item is the same except for the "pack" part on the 2nd one, but then in the description it lists the guitar in the pack different from the other? whats up with those?

thx for the feedback.
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Dude, i suggest you play that classical guitar first. I love classicals so much, they almost play themselves. And those links don't lead to any guitars they just lead to musiciansfriend. And I played a yamaha pacifica (about $130 with a tiny 5w amp) for about 3 years and it served me just fine. Although the buzzing from the pickups sucked...
Fender DG-8S Acoustic Guitar Value Pack

This little Fender has a Solid Spruce top... for a starter package this is a really good deal. I bought it for a friend of mine as a gift and it sounds great. Plus - you get a tuner, strap, gig bag, etc.

Avoid a non-solid tops at all costs... they may be cheaper... but sound cheaper as well.

As far as the classical goes... cool... keep it... play it... but get the steel string and start to build up the calluses. Then go electric.
Check out the "which guitar for under $300?" thread. I was just in the market doing a lot of research and playing a lot of guitars, and I felt like the 300 dollar guitars were significantly better then the 200 dollar ones. I wound up saving up an extra 100 to get a much better guitar.
ok i fixed the links. thx for telling me...

i really like the stlye of the two Epiphones i linked.. so i think im going to to a store and feel them out. however, could you point out to me what it is i would be looking for? like... other then how it feels when i hold it?

i cant really play anything other then twinkle twinkle little star and smoke on the water because so far im self taught, so i wont know what to check for when i check them out at the store.

also, you mentioned the spruce tops? both of the epiphones that i linked (the pack and the single one) both say they have spurce tops in the description. however, the one with the pack comes with all that stuff for only 20$ more. is there a difference in the guitars that make the pack so much cheaper or somthing? or is it just a really good deal??

also, will stores carry that "pack" or will it only be an online deal?

thanks for the quick comments.
well i bought a 180$ acoustic guitar.I have been playing half a year now and it's still spotless as a spoon coming out of the dishwasher
you ROCK!


BIG difference between Spruce Tops and SOLID Spruce tops. Ask about that.

Also, have someone who plays play it and just close your eyes and listen to it.

Strings and Picks also make a huge difference. Depending on the woods... different strings will sound very unique to a guitar.

Look at the D'Addario, for example, for one of my acoustics I use Phosphor Broze for another I use Bright Bronze.

So experiment with strings and picks. Buy different kinds until you find what you're looking for.