Can someone assist me on some details about this guitar like wood type, when it was made, ect. I got this guitar about 6 months ago and it was naked with just grover tuners(which im not sure were stoick or not) anyhow, its black and its a neck through, with 24 frets. Its also has a carve in the back for a 9volt, whether thats stock or not is beyond me. Anyhow, like i said i picked it up naked for $40 with a hardshell that was origional with it. Oh and i should mention its a BC Rich Bich shape. Its black.....tuners are six on one side....anyhow, i always heard that Hondo made entry-level guitars... but i never knew an entry level guitar that was manufactured with Active pickups and was a neck through, and was fit with a Kahler Flyer... anyhow, any info is of great help, if you need pics ill take some, but my cameras dead as of now... so yeah any help anyone?

Edit: oh yeah and it has three mini-knobs for coil tapping/splitting.
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i would also like to know about Hondo Guitars.
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Hey just seeing this kind of late?! but I have a hondo formula 1 also but its a redish orange color. Hondo was a company out of japan that made copies of other guitars that were popular at the time. Only they actualy made them with a better quality. if its not the learner version witch it doesn't sound like it is hold on to it because if put together just like the BC Rich it copies it will have a better sound to it.
i have a hondo formula 1 series guitar, its always been a bit of a mystery to me and my dad, it has grovers, rosewood fret board it was active, and my one is very pretty, it has a cherry sunburst finish but with a circular hologram effect on the front ill up a \picture and link it, i have the origanl humbuckers but now have replaced the originals with a pair of a les paul custom. for a budget guitar it just doesnt add up, from what my dads told me and google (:P) grovers aint exactly cheap approximately for the age this guitar was made id say they would have cost around £20 - £40, the finish on my guitar is what id call amazing a lot of work musta gone into it, it looks like its an aluminum plate or somthing which has been circular brushed to give it a hologramish finish, i was active but since getting ive had to gut all the electronics, how much do they set you back??? maybe another £40 quid, the body on my guitar weve recently discovered is some sort of ply wood, which isnt as bad as it seems, considering les paul custom bodys arent a solid block they are a sandwich of about 5 layers, where as this guitar seems to have about ten layers. ive hunted for info and cant seem to find any on my particular model, i read they moved to japan and made some good copys, i got mine for £15 which would be about $30 in us, its a really strange guitar, if its a budget range why so the hardware why the active why the finish????

so yeah, the fret board is rosewood, i think the body is ply i dont know much else cept i love it and will never sell it

ive narrowed my guitar down to 1977 - 1985, a big gap really, i was reading a guy got a warlock hondo in 85, the gerneral opinion im finding is they are tough pieces of wood, i know mine was run over by a car before i got it, and ive dropped it many times and bashed it and it survives! a really underrated guitar in my eyes, it plays like a fender, and gets a sound near a les paul is how i would describe it


check this site

also it looks like what my guitar has is called a starburst:

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