well I need a new amp, and ive heard wonders about the vox ad series, but somepeople have told me that the fender princeton is an amazing amp, is that true ?
Because i know someone who is selling a 65w princeton.
Has it a good clean channel ?
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Whatever you do, do not buy a SS fender amp. They suck balls believe me. If your gonna go for either of those get the vox, it will have tons more versatility and sound alot better. How much doh have u got 2 spend on an amp? Cos theres others you know!!

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Don't get it. I regret getting and their is a reason it is discontinued. This thing gives feedback like no other. The clean channel is pretty good at low volumes but when you get around 5 it starts to break up and not be so clean. Even when I tried to use it as a cabinent it gives tons of feedback even when the other amp im using isn't. The distortion channel is absolutely horrible. The tone just blows in that channel. It sounds extremely muddy, but can be okay when a compression and an eq. Overall definately not worth it.
If you're talking like the old ones from the 70s they're only 20watts, all tube 1 channal. I have one, a 1973 and the (clean, duh) tone of it eats Voxs, Marshalls, Crates, other Fenders, etc for breakfast. It's amazing how tasty it's tone is. Sadly I don't have a good distortion or overdrive for it, and the el cheapo petals I do have for that don't have true bypasses and thus suck the tone.

As a result my Crate RFX120 basically dominates my playing time. :p
oooo Yeah, I forgot to mention the old ones. If its a tube princeton from the 70s or earlier, but im not sure on the exact year, but if its tube its nice. Those do have nice tone, and great cleans. They are a classic and worth holding on too.