Fender G-DEC
Roland Cube 30X (possibly a different Roland)
A Vox that I can't remember the name of... (maybe someone knows one of them..)

I was also recently suggested;

Peavey Classic 30 Head Tube (Only if I can find a good used one)
And a Ashdown Fallen Angel (Never heard of them before yesterday)

As you can tell my price range is around the $300's, possibly up a little, hopefully down a little.

I just want your guys opinion on whats the best one for my money.

Thank You Very Much!

(PS: This is an amp that is supposed to be for home and practicing and stuff, not gigs or anything. But if some of them work for gigs, thats just a bonus. Also I play all kinds of stuff, not just Rock, not just blues, not just anything, so I kinda want the amp to be good for most things.)
VOX AD valvetronix is the series of amps ur thinking off! And i would go for that if ur after versatility and good home practice and its right within ur budget.

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VOX AD valvetronix is the series of amps ur thinking off! And i would go for that if ur after versatility and good home practice and its right within ur budget.

Which one out of that series would you recommend?? I see that they have all the built in effects and stuff that I'm looking for.
Play them all and see for yourself, we don't know what you like best. And go from the list, it's not a bad selection.
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if you can id say go for the 50 watt valvetronix. it gets loud but you can also turn it wayyy down too. if not then the 30 watt. its good enough.
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So the Valvetronix AD50VT? I think thats the one my guitar lesson teacher recommended, they sell AD30VT and AD50VT's there, I think I'll look into those.
Peavey classic 30.

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I'm a Roland fan. They're built like a tank. Very wide range of sounds, EFX, Footswitch capability. Roland all the way.

It's basically down to the Vox Valvetronix AD30VT or AD50VT. I was reading reviews on this site and the AD50VT got a worse review then the AD30VT. They were both good reviews, but, yeah.

Another question, do the AD30VT and AD50VT have all the stuff the Fender G-DEC has? I'm guessing they do, but just making sure.

Also I will probably be playing some metal in the future, and I've heard that the AD50VT aren't that great for metal.. I probably won't see the difference though.
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If you want the Vox Valvetronix, the AD50VT would most likely be better in the long run, especially if you play heavier stuff and need more bottom end. I had one of these for a while and chose it over the 30 watt version because the 10" speaker got pretty farty when playing rhythm. The Vox is a neat amp and is very versatile.

As for metal, if you're looking to play '80's hair band stuff, it's OK. If you want the really heavy modern stuff, then no, it won't. After checking out the presets for a while, put it in manual and try out some settings on your own.

Mine was traded away, and if I ever get the urge to buy another SS amp it'll be a Roland Cube.
Allright, I'll break this down for you.

Fender G-DEC - Allright amp, too digital sounding for my tastes.

Roland Cube 30X - Great amp, but only worth the money if you play mainly metal.
Vox AD30VT - Perfect all around amp, definately the best choice.

Peavey Classic 30 - Both the head and combo are $550, way out of your range, but if you can get one, then it's your best choice.

Ashdown Fallen Angel - Another great amp, my personal favorite of this list, but it's more aimed towards metal, not the most versatile amp.
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Alright, thanks people,

One more question about the Vox AD30VT/AD50VT, I want to play some metal and Hard Rock stuff, but not super heavy shit, like I want to play stuff in the range of like Stone Sour and stuff and other rock stuff, and maybe a little slipknot and other bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica, but I don't think I'm going to be going into like Dying Fetus or Lamb of God and stuff like that. So can it do the Stone Sour stuff?
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I also guess I should add that I have a 10watt Peavey Amp that came with my guitar.. so if the ability to play all different types of music goes up and not down with a Vox AD50VT or AD30VT then I'll get one of those.