you can go to this link to check out all the specs and general user opinions (which are high).

the model up for sale is in very near mint condition. the only thing seperating it from direct from factory is the small scratch marks on the back of the body from general use, anyone who's played guitar knows what I'm talking about. the paint job is in mint condition, as is everything on it.

these guitars are fairly rare. Schecter only made them for a limited time, so if you're looking to get that awesome Schecter C-1 look and tone, but add something unique to it, this is for you.

also included is a deluxe hardhshell case that cost me an additional $100.

asking $375 OBO, also would consider a trade for a quality tube combo amp, where cash could be given on my behalf for a top of the line one along with the trade.

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1) is it 375 shipped?
2) where are you?
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it's $375 w/out shipping.

I'm in Howell, Michigan. it's about an hour west of Detroit (far far away from the crime!)
bump...c'mon don't be cheap. this is an awesome guitar, especially for the price!

new price- $330+ shipping. bottom line offer.