A very funny Japanese Game-Show where the participants have to speak out long sentences at very very high speed,and if they make just a little mistake in speaking that stuff,they´ll get hit where it "REALLY" hurts.

Probably the most of you already know this one,
it´s a pretty famous video of a
It takes place in a Library and whoever draws the card with the skull on it gets a penalty he won´t forget so fast.

Another funny Japanese-Game-Show.
The Grandma of this guy has to answer a question within a Time-Limit.
If the time runs out or the answer is wrong then...

Post more if you know of any.
The third isn't as good as the first and second IMO.
Theres one where they see how many badgers they can paint red with their hair in two minutes. I believe it's called "Kun'yomi "
No, I am the walrus