I've been putting off getting it forever.

The tracks I've heard from it (especially C Minor) are incredible, and I guess I just want an opinion on the album as a whole.

mewithoutyou, btw.
Poor advice.
it's beautiful

lyrically I liked Foxes for but B,S is so much more eclectic.

I saw them do most of it live and it was a really tight set.
It's great. It's so much better than Catch For Us The Foxes.
Wade in the water, child.
i actually like this band quite a bit, despite their cringe-worthy whiny, self pitying lyrics. this new album sounds a lot tighter than their older stuff though, more mature. special mention should be made to their cool spider interludes too
I love their lyrics. I wish I could write like Aaron Weiss.
Wade in the water, child.