I have been playing acoustic guitar for about 2 years, and I play my brother´s electric guitar every now and then. And i finally decided it´s time for me to get a new electric guitar for myself...
Only problem is my budget is very low it´s about 350$ but I already have a nice zoom amp that my brother gave me so it´s 350$ for the guitar.
I mainly play metal when i have to opportunity to get my hands on a electric, stuff like metallica.

So I would like to know what is your opinnion on the guitar I should get.

Try some in your price range....but I recommend the RG321MH.
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In this price range for the music you're talking about Ibanez's play the best, ESPs sound the best (and are generally of the highest quality) and Jacksons get the job done pretty well over all.

In Range:

In range:

A little above:
ESP Viper 200FM
KH-202 Kirk Hammet Signature

I won't bother with the Jacksons because I don't really care that much. Personally I'd save up another $50 or so and pick up one of the two higher-end ESPs. They're worth it.
for your price range, i would definitely say a good esp, they're great for metal! but i would also say since you've been playing for 2 years maybe save up for a little more for a good guitar.. because you know your going to stick with it, and it would be an overall better invesment rather to get a new guitar every year, imho