Okay, so in all honesty no price cap, but be reasonable, i play alternative rock so what do you think is a decent guitar to pick up???
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Hmm theres alot of electric guitar questions in the Gear and Accessories forum these days.... have you tried the Elecrtic Guitar forum?
If your going for the guitar that suits your style mostly i'd say some kinda LP. However, i have to steer you towards an american strat, like mine OMG THEY RULE !!!!!! Versatile as anything and will not dissapoint believe me. What other gear are you using, and be more specific about ur genre

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Telecaster Plus off of eBay if you can afford one.

If not try out some Mexi teles, and I say try out because I've played some that are Gibson killers and I've played others that could barely pass for a Squire in my book (and yes those were Fenders).
I support getting a Standard Fat Strat. I was playing some at the store yesterday, and dang. They were nice. I'm gonna go get mine in a few days.
fender jaguar- coolest guitar ever. make sure it's HH- they're the cool looking ones.
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fender jaguar- coolest guitar ever. make sure it's HH- they're the cool looking ones.

I think dual humbuckers would ruin the tone of that guitar, you're free to do whatever you want, its' your guitar and all, but at least one single coil and one humbucker.
Jeez I forgot completely about the Jaguar. But I agree, theyre totally single coil guitars. If you want a fatter sound, then maybe check out the Jazzmaster with soap bars.