hi all,

after recently being asked for an amp recomendation, i was told that the fender hot rod deluxe would be good for my requirements, and i am close to buying it. however, being a newbie to tube amps i am very nervous about the thought of having to change "tubes", but not just that, i also found a website (see below) which did give me a better understanding of what exactly tube amps actually are, however, it did make more me a lot more nervous as seemed to make them sound dangerous, with listing all things that coud go wrong etc etc.


sorry if this makes me sound like a complete tool, but i am very nervous about the thought of tube amps, am i right to be so, or am i just being an idiot?


We all thought like that at one point, don't worry.

You should only be nervous if you plan to mod the insides, or stick your wet hand in the back and fiddle around when it's on.
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yea as with anything with strong electrical currents, dont open up its innards unless you really know what your doing. changing tubes is actually a very safe(if you use common sense) and easy process.
Erm, you'll burn your fingerprints straight off your hand if you touch a tube whilst its on
True story but you realy dont need to worry, you can get tubes changed proffesionally anyway if ur that scared, but honestly the tone will be well worth the electric shocks that throw you across the room everytime you turn it on, so just chill dude.

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so would a proffesional charge a lot to change the tubes (and bias, but i am not realy sure what that is, only that it is important ), and being in the U.K, how would i go about finding someone to do it? would the peeps at my local guitar shop do it, or are they likely to know someone who does?
Pretty much all shops have a person to do it.

Tube amps are in no way unsafe or impractical. Besides if you treat it right you wont have to change the tubes but once every couple years.
Uhh... I think that a pro would charge you like somewhere between $50-70 USD (sorry, I dont know how much that is in UK.) Baiasing is basically only needed when you change the brand of power amp tubes, and what it basically does is it kind of controls the power that goes into the tubes. If you have it set higher, the amp will sound hotter, but the tubes will need to be changed more often. If its lower, the amp wont be as hot, and the tubes will last a little longer. I would suggest getting it biased, because to my knowledge, this needs to be done while the amp is on, and you are ****ed if you get shocked when its on, so I would let a pro do it. (better his ass than yours!) People at your shop should either be able to do it, or they could give you a number or address of someone who can. Hope I helped.
yes it did help thanks toastinator, i actually understood what u meant, which believe me is quite an achievement, thanks guys, but i have one more question, does anyone know wehre i will be able to get replacement tubes? i understand there are not too pricey, but where the hell would i go about getting a new set?
google hotrox. They sell all the best tubes and they are UK-based. Great company to work with.
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just buy it, there's nothing to worry about. if it needs maintenence, bring it to an amp tech, or read up on tube amp maintenence so you can do it yourself. there's nothing to worry about on the outside of that chassis except for hot tubes, but your not afraid of lamps are you? You shouldn't do anything on the inside of the chassis at this stage in the game.

Here is a video to scare you about bias adjustments on your new amp.
I wouldn't worry that much about it, if you're buying a new amp it will probably be at least a year before you even need to think about changing tubes and even then it's only the power tubes that will need biasing, and that's only if you change to a different brand, there are quite a lot of amps that are constructed so that you can bias them yourself using only a digital multimeter (some of the newer Marshalls) I think some of the Peavey amps even have LED's on them that change colour if the bias is off.

Generally speaking if you take the cover off the back of an amp there should not be any exposed live parts unless you actually open up the chassis (there will be a warning telling you not to do this unless you are a qualified tech) so you should be able to swap the valves in complete safety.