Okay So It Has No Chorus As Such,Just Three Verses And A Little Guitar Solo After The Second Verse.Its Not Fully Finished But This Is What I Got So Far.It Was Written On An Acoustic But Sounds Good Plugged In Too.
Any Comments Good Or Bad Are Wanted Again,And This One's For Jill.

Say Your Sorry Just To Take The Pain Away
Then We'll Pretend Like Its Just Another Day
All You Need
Is Something Especially
For You
So Just Say Your Sorry
And Then Were Through

Trying To Hold Back Feelings
Cos You Know There Not The Same
Trying To Think Of Reasons
Cos Someone Has To Be The Blame
What You Feel
Is Something That Isn't Real
For You
Please Dont Come
But I Just Have To Love You

You Can Blame Me For Everything
I Dont Mind Your Still Perfect To Me
But What I Feel
You Just Don't Need
So Go
And Dont Change On Me
well its not very strong and doesn't really seem to fit very well but you might have something good that you could get from this if you worked on it but it does seem amateurish. sorry.
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