The guy at my local recording studio is selling an AVT 150 head and 4x12 cab for 800euro, it's less than a year old. My friend id thinking of buying it, he currently uses a crappy peavey backstage. My question is, is one of these worth 800 used?
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Based on the exchange rate my answer is probably, though it's not an exceptional deal or anything.

I have a friend who picked up an AVT50 head for 300 US dollars recently, but that's not including the cab, and AVT150s are generally much more expensive.
ugh no. they sound godawful. the overdrive is fuzzy and bad, and it lacks overal punch and definition. spend your money somewhere else.
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I paid $660 US for my AVT150 half stack so i'm guessing you could do a lot better than 800.

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not worth it at all. the avt here is 699 and its not even worth that. much less the 800 euros.
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The AVT series is very good... for cleans. The OD is horrible, and I recommend getting a good pedal for your dirty tones. I have an AVT100 and I love it, especially for jazz/blues, but as far as rock/ metal goes, use a pedal.
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^Almost not even cleans.

800 is a horrible deal. Damn even 0 would be a horrible deal, those things stinks man!
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You can get a Jcm 900 including delivery for 500 euro (if even that) and then buy a nice 2x12 cab with the remaining 300euro!
hell even an engl thunder might be in the price range
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