Hey, right now I have a GNX4 multi-processor that my guitar stays plugged into. I also have a Marshall AVT50 amp and a pair of really nice Sennheiser headphones for my output.

I don't gig or anything, and mostly just enjoy playing with the headphones on and the amp off. In fact I very rarely turn the Marshall on. I've noticed the sound quality is so much better through the headphones than the amp. I'm guessing since the amp tries to add an authentic marshall tone to my sound that's already tweaked by the GNX4..

Recently got arrested and thrown on probation so I'm in a little bind financially. I figure this makes a great excuse to try some new gear (not right away of course). I'm thinking of selling off the Marshall amp I rarely use to pay off a chunk of my fine and get my PO off my ass awhile. There's no way I could sell the GNX4 or my guitars as I love the things and use them 2+ hours a day.

Basically, I'm just wondering what would make a good replacement when I get life straightened out? GNX4 manual talks a lot about PA systems and how they're able to get a clearer tone from the GNX4. Would a nice PA system make a good replacement for my bedroom amp?? I truthfully don't even know anything about PA systems. But I want something that sounds good and clean.... Like my headphones.... Money won't be an option when I do decide to buy, as I'm quite capable of growing money on top of working. Just takes awhile to get that up and goin again, and I'd like to pay off my fines as quick as possible so I can get em out of my head..

So what, was I doing right with a GNX4 plugged into a combo amp or would something else be better?
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I have a gnx-3 and I use a crate gt1200h half stack on the clean channel and it works great for me. Havent tried it my other cab (which has celestions in it) yet but I will be crossing that bridge tomorrow at practice. Anyway the crate gt1200h half stack runs about $500 -- not a real fancy amp or anything I just wanted to use it for the clean channel. Hope that helps