i have a Dean ML phanton XLT and a digitech RP80, and i need a new amp (i play a lot of metal, mostly PANTERA)(just in case a i have a peavy rage 150 amp)

PLZZ can anybody tell me what amp should I be recomended to buy??
mostly pantera, you want to hunt down either a randall rg100es or a rg80es, there is actually one on ebay right now, the rg100es's pop up every now and again on ebay, but if you'd rather buy a new amp, check out the new g3 range of randalls
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Quote by False_God
Randall RG50 Im thinking! Good amps. How much do you have to spend roughly?

mmm like some 500 dlrs. i have of money to spend.......

thnx guys i would search for those amps wich one would be the best for me