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IMHO I think Kyser capos are one of the worst capos you can use. I know I know some people have high success rate including famous musicians. But I am telling you, me, my teacher, others, forums, and so on nothing but issues with then in regards to tone and tuning.
This presumes I care what you, and a cadre of your cohorts think. It brings forth the question, "are you just thinking in terms of your brainwashing"?

Kyser capos have their faults. I've never owned one which could hold down any 12 string. Which causes me to wonder, "how could they have more of an effect on tuning than other capos which WILL hold down all the strings"?

As far as "tone" goes, Kyser has the same clamp 'magic memory' material that Planet Waves, most likely G-7 and a host of other brands use. So how is that affecting tone in a way the others don't? Because you're instructor, "says so"?

So, after a couple of the worst months of my life at another forum, I managed to learn anything less than a hundred dollar Paige won't work, and then you need a $10,000 dollar custom instrument, (which of course you can barely play), to use it on. Said guitarra, of course is perfectly intonated, and won't go out of tune when you slap that gold plated wonder capo on it. gers or capo we're using. Strings bend and change pitch at different rates, depending on their gauge, and the tension they require to be brought up to correct (concert or E-e standard) tuning.

So, this is why you'll see anybody who's anybody, have their stage hand pass them a different guitar when they're using a different tuning or capo. (Hint, the stage hand has tuned the guitar with the capo already in place, before he or she hands it to the artist).

You should re-tune the guitar whenever you're using anybody's capo, for all of the foregoing reasons. All capos change tuning, gold plated or otherwise. All capos change tuning more or less in response to string gauge and action height, not guitar brand

If "Shubb capos are your life now", congratulations, you'll be in tight with the bluegrass crowd in no time.. .

Here's the acknowledged great guitarist Tommy Emanuelle giving a workshop on capos, and please take note he's using a Kyser. While I don't appreciate everything he does, I'd venture to say he's a lot better than you, your instructor, and everyone else you've been garnering capo testimonials from:

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Still say Kyser's suck. Too funny on your reply. Such a cranky person. ;-)
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