oh so this is just the introduction? hmm since all you do is change to distortion i don't think you need to play it cleaner at the beginning. why don't you either play it once and go to distortion or just start out like that. playing it so much gets oldddd and you don't want the listeners already annoyed just from the beginning.

crit mine?
oh, i forgot to add, the clean part is the intro and the distortion starts the verse. i havent finished the chorus part yet
When all else fails, ask the pit.
Ok well there is an awkward silence that needs to be filled with something. Im sure drums would make it sound better. It has a led zeppelin feeling to it, i just think you should perfect it more. You just starting to make your own music/record?

EDIT: thats the shortest solo i've ever heard
to Way: the silence is a part where the drums fill. wow...a led zeppelin feel... and yes, im just starting to make music.

to the solo remark:lmao i know its short, i have to add on some more
When all else fails, ask the pit.
Yeah...didn't I crit this before? There's not really enough here to actually tell you what to do with. It's like someone playing 5 notes on a guitar and asking you if you think it's good or not. Try to add some more stuff and make the song longer and with more instruments and then we'll be able to actually crit it for you. Good luck. Mind checking mine out?