Yes, on a guitar website. stfu.
In all seriousness, I think UG should make a drum tab section. There are almost no websites out there at all that have drum tabs on them. I vote that UG make a drum tab section, for people who want to learn to drum to a song without having to search a billion sites for the tab, and not being able to find it anyway because its all been shut down due to copyright infringement. Since, according to an anonymous source, UG is not based in the United States, thus is not affected by US laws on copyright and other matters related to this. So, in all, make a drum section.

Anybody with me?
sigh...we have a whole forum dedicated to suggestions. Go do a search next time.
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It's easier to figure out things on drums by ear than on guitar, hence no need for a lot of drum tab sites. I play drums, drums tabs are too long, useless, complicated, and have no home on UG, simply put.
I like that idea, it would be a good idea to try and get more users on UG aswell.....oh and this should be in the Site Feekback forum by the way(people tend to get mighty pissed when you post in the wrong forums)
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no. there have been so many drum tab threads recently, you don't even have to search, just go back a couple of pages. it's ultimate-guitar.com, not ultimate-whateveryoulike.com . if you really need a drum tab, google '[song name] drum tab' . there's enough standalone sites out there.
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yer its a good idea, ug is more of a general music site than just a guitar site now
guitar pro dude. best bet. you can get it free if you know where to look eh?
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This suggestion has been made DOZENS and DOZENS of times. Every single time, a mod replies no.

Use the search bar next time you think of a genius idea that you think has never been brought up before.
Im with Yawn on this one
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What difference does it make that the website is called ultimate-guitar? Just because its originally dedicated to guitarists doesn't mean the website can't evolve.
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a drum tab section?

but then their would be hordes of sweaty drummers joining up
you know, the kind that never stop playing while your trying to tune up
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who needs drum tabs? Each Drum can only make one sound, figure it out by ear.

You're kidding, right?!
Great idea. Do you know how many "My penis is small " threads we'd have then? Oh, wait, nevermind. They wouldn't be able to figure out how to post. Plus, this site is for MUSICIANS, not drummers.