Which SG should I get? Right now I'm looking at the standard but the special is cheaper. There are also a bunch of others which seems worthful. I can't exactly test them out because there's practically no guitar store nearby... any opinions?
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read lots and lots and lots of reviews, and if you know anyone else who plays that has one play his. see if you like it. one thing about sg's that i ****ing hate is that there so damn top heavy
There are tons of threads like this out there. The truth is that you get what you pay for basically. I have an SG Special and I love it, but that's just me, I'm poor. If you get the standard or supreme It'll just be that much better, though. Get what you can afford, and you might want to think about getting an epiphone, agile or whatever remake of it if you're just going to get the special, because I think you're partly just paying for the Gibson name on the headstock, and you might want to change the pickups or something anyways. Everyone has their own opinions on these guitars, and I'd advise you play it before you buy it, in case you hate the neck or something. Get whatever you can afford.